Honolulu, Hawaii skyline of House District 28
Karl Rhoads

House District 29

Kalihi, Palama, Iwilei, Chinatown

“Being elected to the State House in 2006 was a tremendous honor.  I worked hard to earn the trust of the voters of old District 28 (Palama, Chinatown, Downtown, Lower Makiki, Sheridan) and I was disappointed to lose the Downtown, Lower Makiki and Sheridan neighborhoods that were put in other districts as a result of reapportionment. It is my hope that I can become friends with Kalihi residents as I have with so many of the residents of old District 28.”  -- Karl Rhoads

Star-Advertiser endorses Karl

"...Rhoads, a George Washington University law school graduate who interned with U.S. Senator John Kerry, is clearly the candidate with more heft. Holt is young and energetic with long-time ohana ties to his district, but Rhoads served on the Downtown Neighborhood Board for 10 years and has been a legislator since 2006. He has done well by his constituents on affordable and livable housing issues, especially from the Democratic perspective." --Honolulu Star Advertiser, July 24, 2012


Lower Housing Costs, Less Crime and Better Education

In 2006, I ran on a platform of lowering the high cost of housing, reducing area crime and improving the education system.  While combating the recession has forced all of us to work on reducing unemployment, the economy is improving and I hope to refocus on these three key issues soon.  To see the committees I am on and bills I have passed go to About Karl.  

I have been deeply involved in my community for many years.  As a State Legislator, I have been able to effect positive change in the neighborhoods I have represented and in our State as a whole and I very much appreciate your continued support.  As those of you know who I have represented for the last six years, I always welcome your input.  Never hesitate to contact me with questions or neighborhood concerns. 

Bringing Honesty Back To Government

During the 2006 campaign you may have received a mailing from my political opponents attacking my wife and distorting my record.  I am happy to say that my opponents' decision to “go negative” in a last-minute attempt to manipulate the voters failed. Let me set the record straight.

Read the Response: Setting the Record Straight


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